New York Pied-à-Terre

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New York Pied-à-Terre

The Patterned Interior - A collection of 13 brand new graphic and vibrant interiors designed by Greg Natale, including New York Pied-à-Terre.

The Patterned Interior presents Natale's approach to the juxtaposition of graphics and patterns within each space. At once sophisticated and characterful, Natale’s interiors are renowned for marrying contemporary accents with vintage pieces to create environments that traverse serenity and flamboyance. In this exquisite photographic monograph, Natale guides the reader through a diverse selection of residences, exploring the power and importance of pattern increating unforgettable interiors. Natale’s unique insights are accompanied by stunning images by acclaimed photographer Anson Smart.

Pre-order today for estimated delivery:  Sept. 5, 2018 - Sept. 20, 2018

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